Hooray for Adam and Eve

I would like to introduce you to Kurt Jarvis, one of our Bible.org authors. He recently returned from South Africa where he taught and modeled children’s stories. This is one he used. Kurt and Judy provided training to the school teachers and orphanage house mothers and others who work with the children and youth at this place [The Fold ] and training workshops in other locations in that region as a missions training tour.

Attached is his lesson for you if you would like to use it: “Adam and Eve Script”

Audience interactive story

Directions: Make up audience flash signs in advance on chart paper with the words: Hooray for Adam and Eve         Hooray for Jesus             Bad, bad Satan Don’t eat it!           We Promise                     Boo!!!                    The End

(Have a person with a script to be the flash sign holder)

Narrator:      Genesis Chapter 2. After God created man, Adam, and later, woman, Eve, He placed them in the most beautiful garden ever known. The trees had all kinds of fruit for them to eat and there were vegetable gardens with carrots and lettuce and peas and string beans and watermelon. At least we think that is what might have been in the garden for the Bible says Adam and Eve had all they needed for food. (Hooray for Adam and Eve)

The weather was perfect too. It was just right all year long and Adam and Eve had no need for clothing. They probably slept in the warm soft grasses of the land and drank water from clear pure flowing streams. (Hooray for Adam and Eve)

There were no weeds in this garden either. It was perfect, perfect, perfect. Well…. almost perfect.

Before God had created Adam and Eve there had been problems in Heaven and Satan, (BOO!!! ) one of God’s very special angels thought more of himself than he should and wanted to be equal with God. Many other angels agreed with Satan. In fact, one-third of all the heavenly beings went on Satan’s side against God. (Boo!!!) Soon the disagreement between God and Satan was so great a war broke out. Satan thought he would win and be king of all. But Satan was no match for God…. God had created Satan and God was Master of all, not Satan and not Satan’s army. (Boo!!!)

The situation was taken care of by God and God cast them out of Heaven down to earth and that’s where they were when Adam and Eve were created. Adam and Eve were created perfectly. They had NO SIN! (Hooray for Adam and Eve)

When God placed them in the Garden God told them they could eat anything they wanted in the entire garden except for one tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God said if they ate that fruit they would die. (We Promise)

So every day Adam and Eve walked around the garden enjoying the streams and fruit and other food and they never, never, never touched the fruit that God said they should not eat. (We Promise)

One day Eve was walking in the garden and Satan disguised himself as a beautiful serpent creature and was near the forbidden tree. (Boo!!!) Satan called to Eve and said, “Hello Eve!” Eve was not afraid of the serpent Satan as he must have looked beautiful. Satan reminded Eve about how wonderful the fruit was on that tree and said maybe she should try it. (Don’t eat it) Eve said to Satan that if she did God said she would die. Satan told her the biggest lie ever. He said if she did eat that fruit, she would not die but she would be like God. (Bad, bad Satan)

Finally, Eve reached out and took some fruit and ate it. As soon as she did, she knew she had committed a sin and disobeyed God. But she took the fruit to Adam anyway and said he should try it too. (Don’t eat it) Adam was so foolish. He also ate the fruit and immediately he also knew he had disobeyed God. (Bad bad Satan)

When God came to the garden looking for them, they were hiding and finally, God asked them what they had done. Adam said Eve told him to eat the fruit and Eve said Satan told her to eat it. Because they had disobeyed and now had sin in their life, Adam and Eve could not stay in the Garden and God put them out. He punished Satan too for making Adam and Eve sin. (Bad bad Satan)

And today, ever since Adam and Eve, everyone who is born is born with sin. But God had a plan so that anyone who wanted to get rid of sin could. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us. And with His death, our sin can be taken away forever if we ask God to take it away and believe that Jesus is God’s only Son and that He died for our sin. (Hooray for Jesus)

Well, that’s the end of this story, but this is just the beginning of God’s Story.

(The End)

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