A Plague in Egypt

Sunday School Chronicles.

Me: Okay! We’ve spent a good amount of time talking and Moses and the Israelites. Before we hit the Exodus, raise your hands and tell me the plagues.

Student 1: Water turning to blood!

Me: Yes!

Student 2: Frogs!

Student 3: Darkness!

*we continue to recap*

Me: God used these plagues to say, “Nah! What you’re not gonna do is enslave my people AND worship false gods! Let me hit you with these plagues so you’ll know I’m not the one to mess with!”
Student 2: How’d God’s spirit know it was lamb’s blood?
Student 3: God knows who your ex-boyfriend is! Of course He knows what lamb’s blood looks like!

Reflect: Reading about God punishing people is hard. It’s easy to want to focus on the loving God, not the God who punishes and hurts others. God is a good parent. He doesn’t punish for fun, but to correct and help us make better decisions. He is a good father who loves His children. A good parent both rewards and punishes.

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