God is looking and listening

Children are our precious resources to raise to lead and be a light in the darkness of this world. As teachers and parents, we are tasked with raising them to honor God, and it is even more evident now how Satan is busier than ever! He is reaching into the hearts of our children. He is infiltrating our families, our schools, and our media. Whether a parent or a teacher, we are called to be careful how we walk, not as unwise but as wise. [Eph 5:15]

As Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he commanded them to “be imitators of God.” [Eph 5:1] That is the task before us. How do we teach these precious ones to imitate God? God has given us three “gates” or ways to enter or leave the ways of God or the world. First is the eye gate that takes in words and word pictures. Secondly is the mind gate that processes those words and word pictures. Then there is the heart gate where we must choose for or against God’s principles. Satan is crafty and knows that to draw us into his trap, he must disguise himself to look, act, and talk as an angel of light. Children need the gift of wisdom and discernment not to get trapped. Remember this SS song that reminds us of our choices and God’s picture of his love for His children.

“be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, and be careful little tongue what you say because the Father up above is looking down in love.”

Further, Psalm 1 is a vivid picture of the three gates. Children don’t go where the bad kids hang out. Don’t listen if you hear others say words that are not honoring to God. And lastly, don’t sit down to listen and pay attention if you hear others scoffing and saying words that reveal their lack of honoring others.

Sing these lyrics today as a way of helping children to make wise choices, for the Father up above is looking down in love. He wants the best for our children and us.

Coordinator of the Heartprints Blog Page: Gaye-Ellen Austin or SonShine has a passion to train people to be successful Bible students, following the words of Paul to his protégé Timothy: “ entrust to faithful people who will be competent to teach others as well.” (2 Tim 2:2). She taught 15 years in public schools and 12 years in a Christian school where she was coordinator of the NILD program for learning disabled students. She has taught Precept upon Precept classes and was a discussion group leader for 10+ yrs. in BSF in Daytona Beach. Fl. and Atlanta, GA. Also, Gaye-Ellen is the writer for the https://www.facebook.com/bible.org/ She also has her own personal blog page: https://sonshinesjournal.com/ David is a full time director for Bible.org as well as his secular job. He and Gaye-Ellen along with their son, Dr. Mark Austin, daughter-in-law, Dr. Blanca Austin and granddaughter Christina (https://christinaaustinlopez.com.) live in the Dallas area. Gaye-Ellen's goal is to present Christ and live Christ glorifying God. One of her favorite verses about the role as parents, teachers, and adults for the next generation comes from Psalm 78:4, "but tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord."

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