A Plan With A Purpose…The Journey of Ice Cream

The first bite is scrumptiously delicious and out of this world; with each additional bite comes the most pleasant and delightful experience to your sweet-tooth taste buds.  I love to savor every moment as I enjoy the cold creamy texture and luscious taste of ice cream.  Nothing is better on a hot summer day and if you’re like me, you love the opportunity to take a journey with the sweet and creamy delight. 

Excitement fills the air as you walk into the local ice cream store.  Choices, choices, and more choices are in front of you as you scale the counter and look at the array of flavors that are on display.  There are fruit flavors, nut varieties, chocolate choices, candy bar mixes, peanut butter flavors, cake and cookie mixtures, and many more waiting to be selected.    

About a month ago my husband and I had the opportunity to go to an ice cream store in Arkansas on a warm sunny afternoon.  What was our purpose for going?  We wanted something sweet and cold to cool us off.  The need for ice cream was evident as our journey began.  

We walked into the store, looked at all the choices, ask for a few samples to help us decide and then we made a choice.  After choosing our flavor we had to make another choice, waffle cone, chocolate waffle cone, chocolate peanut waffle cone, or cup.  We had a need for enjoyment, perhaps to satisfy your sweet tooth, or maybe to cool down from a hot day at the pool.  Whatever, the reason there was a plan and a purpose to drive to the ice cream store and indulge in the world of ice cream.

We make choices everyday with a plan and purpose in mind.  Many times we are fulfilling a need, living life, accomplishing our own agenda with our own plan and purpose in mind; and way too often, without God’s direction.

God is sovereign and in control of our lives and He will guide us on the path of righteousness, but how many times do we fully trust Him with our daily agenda?  

Below are just a few reminders from men and women of the Bible whom God directed, empowered, and demonstrated His plans and purpose for His glory.

God had a plan and purpose for Abraham. 

God’s plan was to give Abraham and Sarah in their old age a son, Isaac, with the purpose to build a nation who loved Him.

God had a plan and a purpose for Moses. 

God’s plan was to protect Moses during infancy with the purpose to use him to  lead the people of Israel out of bondage from the Egyptians.

God had a plan and purpose for Joseph.

God’s plan was to protect Joseph from his brothers evil schemes with the  purpose to demonstrate His faithfulness in hard circumstances.

God had a plan and purpose for Joshua.

God’s plan was to use Joshua as the military leader in battle with the purpose to show His will, defeat evil people, and protect His chosen people from harm. 

God had a plan and purpose for John the brother of James.

God’s plan was to take John to the Island of Patmos with the purpose to reveal history yet to come, for all of mankind, about the end times. 

God had a plan and purpose for Esther.

God’s plan for Esther was to promote her as queen of an ungodly nation with the purpose to use her to deliver her nation, the Jews, from disaster and show His sovereignty over all of mankind.

God had a plan and purpose for Rahab.

God’s plan for Rahab was to protect her from the evil Amorites with the  purpose to deliver her from a sinful lifestyle, encourage her worship of Him, and  demonstrate His mercy and grace on her family.

God had a plan and purpose for Ruth.

God’s plan for Ruth was to show her love, humility, hard work, faithfulness  through tough circumstances with the purpose to give her a husband, son, and  the chosen line which the Saviour of the world would be born. 

God had a plan and purpose for David.

God’s plan was to use David as an instrument to kill the evil giant, Goliath with  the purpose to demonstrate His mighty power and protection on the small, weak,  and humble and to make David king of a great nation who loved Him.

God has a plan and purpose for all of mankind.

God’s plan was to send His son Jesus to this world to die on a cross, shed blood for the forgiveness of our sins, defeat death, and rise on the third day with the purpose to redeem all of mankind so we could live with Him forever.

The journey of ice cream is an illustration of our journey with God.  The sweet taste gives us pleasure, the right choice brings us joy, and the anticipation with that first bite gives us the hope of a delicious and wonderful experience.  May God bless you and your children as you experience Ice cream and the sweet taste of Jesus.  

Now, “Go get some ice cream!”

Lisa Goodyear holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education, with a focus in Children's Ministry, from Dallas Theological Seminary. She has over twenty-eight years of local children's ministry, as well as an extensive background in early childhood education and international ministry to children. Currently, she is serving with the family/children’s ministry in her local church in Shawnee, Kansas. Lisa's passion is to see children from every nation, tongue, and tribe trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and grow in their relationship with Him. She is married to Rolla and they have two grown children and three grandchildren and a little Yorkie, Romeo. Lisa lives in Olathe, Kansas.


  • Joe King

    insightful, yes

    Thanks so much for sharing this. My heart is rebuked when I consider how many ice cream cones I have eaten without once catching a glimpse of God's eternal plan.

    • Lisa Goodyear


      I am so glad you enjoyed this blog, Joe!  May the Lord bless you and give you opportunities to share ice cream with others!!!

    • Lisa Goodyear

      Refreshing Experience

      Thank you Shawna for your kind comment.  May the Lord refresh you daily with His love and grace.