Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet…

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Joshua is the new leader of Isreal. Jericho is on his list of cities to destroy.

Kid 1: Why are they getting destroyed?

Me: Cause they’re the enemy. So, except for Rahab and her people, Jericho is on the hit list and they know it. Isreal has a reputation of winning battles, not because they’re the greatest army but because they have God on their side.

Kid 2: Oh wow.

Me: God told Joshua, “I need you, the priests, and the army to march around the city once a day for six days.”

Kid 3: March? Just march?

Me: Yup. Just march. God also said, “On the seventh day, walk around the city seven times, but keep your mouths shut until the seventh lap.” Why do you think God wanted them to be quiet?

Kid 4: Because God didn’t want Jericho to know they were there?

Me: Mmm…not quite. Do you think God’s orders were normal or kinda ridiculous?

Kids: …

Me: It’s ok. You can say it.

Kids: Kinda ridiculous.

Kid 3: They could’ve just stormed the city!

Me: I know! Don’t you think people in the army would’ve been like, “I don’t know about this. We could just take the city. You know what, let’s just do it!” Do you think they would’ve made it to lap three saying that?

Kids: No.

Me: Exactly! So Joshua was like, “Everybody shut up. All y’all better keep your mouths shut. I don’t want to hear a word, cough, sneeze, or nothing. You better not even blink loud. God said what He said and that’s the way it’s gonna be.” They walked around the city quiet as church mice six times. They hit the seventh lap. Joshua goes, “Priests! Blow the horns! Army! SHOUT!” They followed directions and the walls of Jericho came down. The people of Jericho were like, “Uh oh!”

Kid 1: The walls just came down!?!?!

Me: Sure did! Here’s the thing. God doesn’t always make sense. That’s where faith comes in. You don’t have to know the why. You have to trust that God knows and He’ll give you the necessary information when it’s necessary. Sometimes people say stuff that makes sense and you’re tempted to believe them over God. Sometimes your own thoughts make more sense than what God said. You don’t need all the answers. God is asking you to trust Him. Can you trust him?

Reflect: Do you need God to tell you the why before you obey Him? Why? Sometimes it’s hard to follow God when it doesn’t make sense. But that’s where trust and faith comes in. We trust that God knows the whole story and we have faith that God knows what He’s doing.

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