Blessing Your Muslim Friends

“Tell the nations about his splendor.
Tell all the nations about his amazing deeds.” Ps. 96:3

What an amazing God we serve. And we live at an unprecedented time to serve him. In many parts of the world, people from every nation live among us. Christian countries have welcomed immigrants and refugees from many faiths, giving us the opportunity to tell about his splendor and amazing deeds.

According to Pew Research Center, 3.45 million Muslims reside in the U.S. So, how can we reach out to our Muslim neighbors and obey Psalm 96:3? We can’t if we don’t know them. The Lord has brought the world to our doorstep. Reach out in friendship to Muslims near you. Simply smiling, chatting and asking questions is one way.

An upcoming event offers a unique opportunity to learn from your Muslim friends. The hajj or annual pilgrimage to Mecca takes place July 17-July 21, 2021. Every Muslim who is able aspires to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. This year, because of COVID, only 60,000 residents of Saudi Arabia will participate in this pilgrimage, but normally 2,000,000 pilgrims from around the world make this journey.

Just as we would appreciate it if our Muslim friends ask about Easter, we can nurture a relationship with Muslims by asking them about this special event. Most are eager to talk about their faith and to share about significant events. Listening is the beginning of being heard.

So, during the hajj, strike up a conversation with a Muslim woman.

The Hajj also offers a special opportunity to pray for Muslims:

  • Pray that the spiritual focus of this time will cause many Muslims to think about what they believe. Ask God to bring believers into their lives.
  • During the Hajj Muslims seek God’s forgiveness. Ask God to lead Muslims to the forgiveness that comes through Christ alone.
  • Many Muslims stay up all night to pray during one night of the Hajj. Ask God to reveal himself to them.
  • Men shave their heads or cut their hair and women cut the ends of their hair as a sign of purity. Pray that would understand that true purity is possible only through Christ.

For more ideas for prayer check out “Five Days of the Hajj: How to Pray for Muslims on Pilgrimage” at Christar.org. 

Sources: Pew Research Center and “Five Days of the Hajj: How to Pray for Muslims on Pilgrimage.”

Photo credit:

“Young Muslim Women” by garryknight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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