Christmas in June

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: What gifts did the wise men bring Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus?
Kid 1: Gold, frankincense and myrrh!
Me: Yes! Who’s into essential oils? *hands go up* Y’all are late to the game! The Middle East has been running the game since BC!

Kid 2: Really?

Me: Absolutely! Yes we know the gifts Baby Jesus was given, but we need to remember the important gifts God gave us through Jesus.

Kid 2: Why?

Me: Because, God’s gift lasts forever. When we forget about this amazing gift, then we’ll forget how blessed we are to be in His family. Let me tell you what Christmas is actually about. Jesus left the greatest place in the universe because He had to fix what was broken. Who broke it?
Kids: Adam and Eve!
Me: Don’t put it all on them! We messed ourselves up and continue to mess up this world. Without Jesus, we’re just trash in human form. But Jesus came to this world to clean up our mess, to clean us up. Jesus loves you so much, He died for you.
Kid 1: Ms. Janay, that’s deep…
Me: Let’s go deeper. He loved you too much to stay dead. He rose!

Reflect: What happens when you forget something important? Do you feel bad about it? Why? Remembering that God sent Jesus to give you the gift of salvation helps you see how important this gift is. Don’t save the Christmas verses for December. Read it all year long.

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