Cloudy With a Chance of Disciples

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Do y’all have a friend group?

Kids: Yes!

Me: Ok! And out of that friend group do you have a couple you’re really close to?

Kid 1: Like family?

Me: Yes. You’re so close you’re like family. Kids: Yeah. I have 2. I have 3!

Me: So Jesus has 3 besties. Peter, James, and John have been His A-1s since Day 1. He takes them to the top of a mountain to chill. Peter, James, and John fall asleep cause feeding 5,000+ people will wear you out. You ever have it when you’re napping and you wake up earlier than you want?

Kids: Yeah.

Me: You’re cranky. Sleep in your eyes. Can’t walk right. So they wake up and Jesus’ face looks different. His clothes are whiter than white, shining bright like a diamond. And then he sees not one but two dead people! Moses and Elijah are just chatting with Jesus…like they’re not dead! How would you react?

Kid 1: I’d scream.

Kid 2: I would slap myself to see if I was dreaming.

Kid 3: I’d eat something.

Me: Imagine James is sleeping good then he wakes up like, “Is that…Moses…and.” He taps Peter like, “Pete. Bro. You up? Look.” Peter goes, “Are we seeing the same thing? Wake up John.” John says, “I’m already up.” James says, “What should we do? Should we just sit here?” Peter was like, “You know what? Let’s build some tabernacles.” John and James were all in. Y’all. With what? I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring tabernacle building tools on the mountain with them!

Kids: No. Probably not.

Me: Can it get any crazier?

Kids: No. Yes. Maybe?

Me: Oh it does. So while Peter is talking a whole cloud comes out of nowhere and covered them. While inside, a voice said, “This is my Son. Listen to Him.” Afterwards the three of them walk off the mountain like, ” Tell no one. We take this to the grave!” Would anyone believe them?

Kids: No. Yes! Probably. Maybe.

Me: Look y’all. It’s one thing to be friends with a dude claiming to be God’s Son. But now you’re seeing dead people. And get swallowed by a cloud!?!?!?! Of course you’d keep your mouth shut!

Reflect: The Disciples experienced unbelievable things just by hanging out with Jesus. Even though we don’t experience half the things the Disciples did, we still follow and believe Jesus. Not only that, we believe the stories the Disciples wrote about Jesus are real and true. Some things don’t make sense. And here’s the great part: they don’t have to make sense. What matters is trusting Jesus and the words written about Him.

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