Goliath and the Tween

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Before we can even get to David and Goliath, let’s go back to Chapter 16. Saul was going buckwild and God said, “You know what! I’m sick of you. Enjoy being king because I’m taking it away!” So he sent Samuel to Jesse’s house to get a new king.

Student 1: Who’s Jesse?

Me: David’s daddy. The first seven sons were all big and buff. But Samuel said no. So David came in and God said “Yup”. David’s brothers were salty. Which leads us to the big battle.

Student 2: Big battle?

Me: Yeah. It’s about to be fire! Goliath comes out and he’s all like, “Ha!!!!! Which one of y’all is gonna check me! Come through average sized dudes!” David hears this and says, “Really? I know Goliath is not running his mouth about the soldiers of the Most High God!”

Students: Oh man. Wow. Oohh.

Me: Exactly! So Saul tries to give David some armor. David says, “I’m a shepherd. You know what happened to the lions and bears that came after my daddy’s sheep? That’s right! They’re dead! And that’s what’s gonna happen to Goliath! I need 5 smooth stones, a slingshot, and for everybody else to back up!”

Student 3: What’s gonna happen!?!?!?!?

Me: Just wait! So, David and Goliath come face to face. Goliath says, “Really? Y’all sent a tween to fight me?” David goes, “It’s nothing but space and opportunity! I got one stone for you and 4 more for your brothers if one of them wants to run up!” So he starts swinging his slingshot while Goliath runs up. And when Goliath got right where David wanted him, he let go and the rock hit Goliath in the perfect spot. Goliath went down and David chopped off his head.

Student 4: Eww! But why? Goliath was already dead!

Me: There’s a difference between dead vs good and dead!

Student 5: But what about the other 4 brothers?

Me: There were 4 more stones waiting on them. Seeing Goliath’s headless body was all they needed.

Students: *cheer*

Reflect: It may look like David is the hero, but remember, God is the true hero of this story. There are some who will think you aren’t helpful, just because you’re a kid. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in life, you matter to God. Having a heart for Jesus and a love for God will always be the right choice.

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