Hang Onto Your Mummy!

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: So there’s two people described as “the one whom Jesus loved.” That’s John and Lazarus. Martha, Mary, and Lazarus are Jesus’ besties. When Jesus rolls through Bethany, He stays with them. Lazarus is sick and the sisters send Jesus a note saying, “The one You love is sick.” The Disciples are like, “So we’re heading to Bethany, right? It’s only a two day journey.” Jesus said, “Nah. Let’s stay here two more days. In fact! Let’s head to Judea!” The Disciples said, “Um. Didn’t the Judeans just try to unalive you? Like…they tried to stone you…to death.”

Kid 1: He wanted to go back???

Me: Yup. So Lazarus dies and Jesus says, “Y’all wanna head to Bethany?” The Disciples are freaking out! They’re like, “So we’re just going back like Lazarus isn’t dead?” Jesus said, “That’s because Lazarus isn’t dead. He’s just asleep.” The Disciples said, “Look. Jesus. We know the difference between dead and asleep. You wake up from one and you stay asleep in the other. Your vocabulary is all over the place!” Jesus was like, “I created vocab! Let’s roll!” Two days later they make it to Bethany. Martha and Mary are questioning Jesus wondering why He didn’t come earlier. Jesus goes to the tomb. Everyone and their mama follows Him to Lazarus’ tomb. Y’all, I watch a lot of medical dramas, so I’m basically a doctor. Dead bodies smell after a few days.

Kids: Eww!

Me: Don’t watch what I watch. Jesus gets to the tomb and starts crying. Why do you think He does that?

Kid 1: Because Mary and Martha were mad at Him.

Kid 2: Because Lazarus died.

Kid 3: Because the people didn’t believe in Him.

Me: Yes! All of these are true. Plus death is a result of sin. When the world was created, God didn’t want anyone to die. Jesus is crying because death exists! So Jesus prays and afterwards tells the people to roll the stone away. Jesus said, “Lazarus! Come forth!” Lazarus walks out looking like the mummy and smelling like one too! The crowd goes wild! And Jesus said, “I told you bro!”

Reflect: Sometimes, we want God to do things on our time. But waiting on God is hard. It’s not always easy accepting that God’s timing is perfect. He has not forgotten about you and your request. He loves you too much to forget about you.

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