Jesus: The Sin Doctor

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Y’all. Matthew is trash! He’s a tax collector. The Romans think they’re better than Jews and everyone else. They go to Matthew and say, “Matthew, you’re not like the other Jews. You’re a good Jew! We’re supposed to collect like 15% tax but we’re gonna charge an extra 15%, take 10 and give you 5. You down?” Matthew said, “Bet!” How would the people describe Matthew?

Kids: Boo! Traitor! Loser! Cheater!

Me: Yes! How would Matthew describe himself?

Kids: Rich! The best! Awesome!

Me: Absolutely! Dude is living his best life! But most importantly how would God describe him?

Kids: Boo!!!!

Me: Look, thank God I’m not God cause I would’ve hit the smite button on Matthew. But here’s the thing about God, He looks at the inside. He sees you for who you are. He sends Jesus on the scene. So Jesus comes strolling through town like, “What’s up! Son of God here. Miracle, miracle, miracle. Dead? Not anymore! Live!” He sees Matthew and says, “Bro. Follow me.” And he does. So they have dinner that night. The Pharisees see the dinner guests are a bunch of sinners and they’re panini pressed. They say, “Really Jesus! You’re having dinner with tax collectors AND sinners!??!” The Pharisees are so petty that they don’t even put tax collectors in the same category as sinners. Jesus said, “Look fools, when you’re sick you call the doctor. Well I’m the sin doctor. I got the prescription they need! Me!”

Reflect: It’s hard to see people as God sees them. We have to remember that God wants everyone to be saved. No one is better than the other in God’s eyes. How can you have God vision towards someone you don’t think deserves it?

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