King Me!

Sunday School Chronicles

Student 1: Ms. Janay! I wasn’t here. How’d Saul become king?

Me: Israel already had a King. Who was He?

Random students: David! Samuel!

Me: Starts with a G!

Student 2: JESUS!

Me: G for Jesus? Starts with a G ends with an Od

Students: GOD!

Me: Yes! So God was Israel’s King but they wanted an earthly king just like all the other nations. When you keep asking your parents for things that aren’t good for you, they have 2 options. 1. Say no or 2. Let you have it and watch it mess you up.

Students: Oooh. Oh man. Yeah. That’s true.

Me: God went with the second option! So Saul comes walking into town looking like Captain America and Thor combined! He was taller than everyone else. They took one look at him and said, “You doing anything right now? Feel like ruling over a nation until you die?” And Saul said, “I’m down!”

Student 3: So Ms. Janay. If I weren’t as skinny, I could’ve been king?

Me: No. If you were muscular, with Thor like hair and tall then you definitely could’ve been king! Y’all. Sin is serious business. It’s like a piece of gum. The flavor only lasts a few seconds.

Reflect: It’s tempting to want to fit and be like everyone else. But God calls His children to be different to bring others to Him. Why is it scary to be different from everyone else? Pray and ask God why He wants you to stand out. Ask God to show you how to stand out for His glory.

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