NET Bible Study Environment Update: Personal Notes Icon



New Personal Notes Icon
The NET Bible Study Environment has the ability to save your own personal notes in The Environment. For registered users this has been a standard feature for some time when logged in. "Your Notes" under the "Notes" tab displays the material you entered. 
We received an email asking if we could add a feature to indicate that a personal note had been created at each particular Bible passage in the NET Bible Study Environment. We listened. 
Now when you log in and encounter a NET Bible passage where you've created a personal note you will see a new "Your Notes" icon by the NET Bible verse number (see the example icon below after "8:24").
Clicking the icon will immediately change the right panel to display "Your Notes" under the "Notes" tab. This helps you remember where you've created notes. So go ahead, create more notes!
If you do not see a new note's icon immediately, please navigate to a different passage of the Bible. Then return to where you've created the new note and the icon will appear.
Thank you for using and reading the NET Bible. We are glad to be of service to you.