One Step to Stop Child Trafficking

Human trafficking is a problem that is hard to face. When I think about it, I feel so overwhelmed and incapable of doing anything to help. Lately, the truth and tragedy of child trafficking has been creeping into my awareness through speakers, blogs, etc. Did you know that each year nearly 2 milion children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade (stat from UNICEF via IJM) ? How can we not be talking about this and trying to do something? The question is what can we do?


One answer is to sponsor children through organizations like Compassion and World Vision. This did not seem the most direct answer at first to me, but poverty is a cause of both child labor and child exploitation. By sponsoring a child, you are guaranteeing that child a future away from the tragedies of child trafficking. Not only that, you are helping to stop the cycle. Your sponsored child will go to school, not only gaining a better future for himself or herself, but also for his or her own children. Your sponsorship reaches further than you know.


Most of these programs are only $35 a month. Seriously, you are changing the life of that child, his or her family, and his or her future family. You are stopping child exploitation. All for less than the amount that most of us probably spend eating out each month.


But I know, some of us really can't commit to that monthly support right now. Unemployment has hit my family, and we're unstable. There are other choices. Ways I didn't even realize until I wrote this.


There are one time donations. You can give to where it's most needed, emergency funds, and support the organization as a whole. You can send any amount to support educational needs, including health and parenting skills as well as the child's education. You can buy these kids soccer balls, a rabbit, or a hygiene kit (each of these things are just $16). There are also smaller monthly donations like $20 a month to support rescue centers for mothers and babies. All from the same websites that you can sponsor the kid.


I'll be totally honest. I think that part of your tithe could be put to good use by sponsoring a child or donating to these organizations. I know many might disagree with giving part of your tithe somewhere other than the church you attend, but this is God's work too. And, I don't want to dog our churches, but do we need another projector or new carpet more than these kids need life?


If financials is not your thing, then advocate for these kids. Write it up where you can. Tell others about it. Bring one of these organizations (and there are more than the two I have listed, but please make sure the money actually goes where it should) to your church.


Finally, and most importantly, pray. Strongholds are broken on the prayers of the saints. Don't turn away because it overwhelms. I have before, but I can't anymore. Don't feel that you are inconsequential in this fight. You can do more than you imagine. We have to.