Our Freedoms

Today, many Americans will grill burgers, eat red, white and blue cake, watch fireworks and maybe even a parade. Today is a day of celebration in the U.S.A. We celebrate our independence from Great Britain since 1776. As Americans, we are grateful for the freedoms we have because of the great work and sacrifices of others.

And yet so many live without even a fraction of our freedoms. So many in the world live without the freedom to speak, the freedom to learn, the freedom to travel, the freedom to worship, the freedom to choose work, the freedom to eat and on and on. So many live in slavery of the body, slavery of the mind, slavery of the spirit, and more.

They are not free, they are slaves.

So what do we do with our freedoms? What great work might we be called to for the sake of God’s Kingdom? What sacrifices is God calling us to? How can we use our freedoms for the sake of freeing others?

If you are one who is celebrating great freedoms today, remember those that cannot. Remember and ask God how He might be calling you to pave the way so they will celebrate freedom as well.