Show and Tell

Me: Do y’all still have show and tell at school?

Kid 1: Not anymore.

Kid 2: We did when we were younger.

Me: Same! I used to love show and tell. I remember this one time, I wanted to bring my dog, Sparkles.

Kid 3: Sparkles!?!?!

Me: Yeah. You heard me. Sparkles! She was a toy fox terrier. I LOVED Her. But my mom wouldn’t let me bring her.

Kids: Boo. That’s the worst!

Me: I know right! I still don’t even remember what I brought because I was so mad that I couldn’t bring Sparkles. But I’m over it.

Kids: Doesn’t sound like it. Sure you are!

Me: Whatever! Let me tell y’all who’s the best at Show and Tell. God! He says He loves us but also shows us in His actions. Give me an example.

Kid 1: He sent Jesus!

Me: Yes! That’s one of the best examples. Give me another one.

Kid 3: He says He forgives us and does!

Me: Absolutely! So God has been crushing show and tell for thousands of years. He basically did the same thing with the Israelites. He says He loves them and proves it over and over again with His actions by saving them from Pharaoh, parting the Red Sea, keeping them safe, and more. But the Israelites are horrible at show and tell. They say they love God but do the opposite.

Kids: That’s so annoying. Ugh. Really???

Me: Yup. So Moses and God are having a chitchat on top of Mount Sinai. The Israelites are sick of waiting on Moses to get back and convince themselves with zero evidence that Moses dipped. So they go to Aaron and say, “You’re the #2 guy. Make us a new god.” Aaron says, “Bet. Give me all your gold.” He melts all the gold and fashions it into a golden calf. The people say, “New God. Moo!!!!”

Kids: A calf! Really? That’s their new God!?!

Me: Yup. Instead of getting milk, they worshipped the milk giver. Eww. All that to say. They did not crush show and tell.

Reflect: Every day we wake up is like a game of Show and Tell. We have to make the daily, moment by moment decision to show God in our actions and tell Him with our words, that we love Him. What steps can you take to make sure your actions and words match up?

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