Stay Focused on What Matters

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Jesus has been telling his disciples from jump, “I’m gonna die. Get resurrected. And I’m headed to Heaven.” Dude’s been repeating this. Spoiler alert! When Jesus is actually crucified, the Disciples act super shooketh like this is the first time they’ve heard this. Do you ever get annoyed when people do this?

Class: Ugh! Yes! I hate that! So annoying!

Me: Think your parents get annoyed when you do this?

Class: … yeah.

Me: It’s the Passover season and feast time. While the Jews are celebrating, the scribes are plotting on Jesus. They’re sick of Jesus being all good and Christlike so they decide they’re gonna kill Him.

Student 1: Wow.

Me: I know right! So Jesus and his Disciples are having dinner. This unnamed woman comes with this beautiful alabaster jar. It’s super expensive and filled with awesome perfume. The woman breaks the jar and lets the perfume run down Jesus’s head. The Disciples start popping off at the mouth like, “Are you serious? That perfume cost thousands of dollars! She could’ve used it on the poor!” Jesus heard them trash talking. How do you think He felt?

Class: Annoyed. Frustrated. Angry.

Me: Exactly! Jesus said, “Shut it down! I’ve been telling y’all from day one that I’m gonna die! And what did you do? That’s right! Nothing! This woman is preparing my body for burial. And guess what, there’s always gonna be poor people and you can take care of them. And you know what! I’m not always gonna be here! Every time someone shares the good news, they’re gonna talk about this woman.”

Student 2: Ooh.

Me: Yup. Jesus was dropping first century mics. He wasn’t having it. Bottom line, you can’t be traveling with Jesus for 3 years straight and run your mouth like that. Jesus isn’t pleased with the foolishness.

Reflect: Jesus doesn’t just tell us things for fun, he tells us things to help prepare us for the future, to become better people, to become closer to Him, and more. Sometimes, we make the mistake of focusing on the wrong thing and taking our eyes off Jesus’ intended message. Pray and ask God to help you stay focused on Him and the plans He has for you. Ask Him to show you the things that get you off track and help you deal with them in healthy ways.

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