Feelings For Pharoah

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: What would happen if you defied the Pharoah?

Student: You would get executed!

Student 2: Is that why it’s called “Exodus”? Because you get executed? Exodus. Executed.

Me: Lol! No! But I can see how you got there! They do sound pretty similar. But actually, you’re right in a way. If you defied the Pharoah, there was a pretty good chance that execution was on the table.

Student 3: But wasn’t Joseph scared?

Me: Honestly? He probably was. Two things can be true at the same time. I love pie and I love cake. I don’t like cheese cubes but I love cheeseburgers. Joseph may have been scared but he also trusted God. Those emotions existed and are equally important. You are allowed to be afraid. You are also allowed to trust God in the midst of your fear.

Student 2: So Joseph felt both?

Me: Absolutely. But remember, he never let his fear keep him from going before the Pharoah. The Pharoah could’ve had Joseph executed but it wouldn’t have changed the fact that Joseph didn’t let his fear stop him from doing the hard things.

Reflect: No one understands your emotions better than God. He sees your happiness, your fear, your joy, your anxiety, your sadness. All of it! But instead of telling you to hide all of those emotions, He wants you to feel them. Never be ashamed of feeling your feels. Take them to God. Tell Him what’s going on. Ask God to help you feel but remain obedient.

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