• Engage

    Toddler Tantrums and Our Sin Nature

    I have heard the adage time and time again:"You don't have to teach a baby to sin." As a mom of three small children, I quickly learned that this couldn't be truer! The cherub-faced cuteness began to wear off when my daughter started acting on her inclination to hit. Hitting was her preferred method of expression. This heavy-handed little girl wielded her back-hand with the power to smite anyone who stood in opposition to her!  So I had to roll up my sleeves and dive into the dirty work of behavioral modification with a two a year old.   A major source of irritation in her world, like most toddlers,…

  • mad man

    The Great Pains of Perfectionism

    Some wag has said that a perfectionist is someone who takes great pains . . . and gives them to others. Once I asked my Facebook friends for examples of perfectionism and controlling behavior. Ohboyohboy, is that ever a problem! I’ve never had so many responses to a question! Here are just a few (and you can tell that there is a specific person attached to every example): Doing all the household chores because that way they will be done right. Then feeling resentful because no one ever offers to help and here she is, doing all the work herself. Reading Every. Single. Greeting card. To make sure they picked…