• Smartness!

    Smart, Not Smart

    I had to take Geometry twice in high school just to pass with a C. Not only that, but I also had to give up my lunches to be in Mr. Yamaguchi’s room throughout most of the semester for detention for being late and to get extra help. And somehow, I passed Geometry. I didn’t think it was possible. I felt so defeated and a bit stupid. Why didn’t my brain work like other kids? And then there was Biology. Let’s not even talk about it. And Chemistry, never even took that one—I knew better, and luckily I didn’t need it to graduate. What did I excel in? Fantasy. Creating.…

  • Engage

    Benefits of Being Outdoors

    Backpacking in the backcountry for 10 days in July left me with a new appreciation for the outdoors. I observed many parallels to life on my trek. In addition, watching teenage boys adapt to the backcountry left me with an awareness of the benefits of youth being outdoors. When I returned home, I found articles that articulated the benefits of being outside that I had observed. Various benefits arise from being outdoors. Claire McCarthy[1] lists the following as benefits: appreciation of nature, vitamin D from sunshine, exercise from active play, opportunity to take risk, socialization in unorganized atmosphere, and development of executive functions (skills that help us multitask, plan, troubleshoot,…