God is our Helper

When Children face the unknown

How often do we hear little ones wanting to know the outcome of something for which it seems there is no instant answer? How do we comfort their hearts? What wisdom do we offer? Psalm 121 answered that question in a conversation someone might have had with two friends.

#1 friend asks: I need help to answer my question. Where does my help come?” Then almost instantly answers his own question: “My help comes from the Lord.”  [vs 1 -2]

#2 friend responds with this encouragement; may He not allow your foot to slip. [vs 3]

#3 friend affirms those words. The Lord is your protector, he never sleeps. He is always on the job 24/7. You can trust Him to be ready to answer your questions!  [vs 4, 7, 8]

Is there a child in your sphere of influence who is wondering if God hears and God answers? Take time to pray with confidence with them: Lord, you are our helper; no matter what is on Your schedule for us, we will not fear what comes our way today or tomorrow, or the next day because You are ever by our side! You are our Helper, our Sustainer, our Deliverer, our Jehovah Jireh.

Coordinator of Heartprints Blog Page: Gaye-Ellen Austin or ( "Miss Gaye")  a.k.a. SonShine has a passion to train people to be successful Bible students, that they may teach others to teach yet others (2 Tim 2:15). She taught 15 years in public schools and 12 years in a Christian school where she was coordinator of the NILD program for learning disabled students).  she has taught Precept upon Precept classes and was a discussion group leader for 10+ yrs in BSF. Also, Gaye-Ellen is the writer for the Bible.org Facebook page.  She also has her own personal blog page: Sonshine's Journal.  David and Gaye-Ellen along with their son, daughter in law and granddaughter live in the Dallas area. Gaye-Ellen's goal is to present Christ and live Christ glorifying God. One of her favorite verses about our role as parents, teachers, and adults for our children comes from Psalm 78:4, "but tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord."

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