• Be a godly mama not an evil mama

    It Matters Who Your Mama Is

    The Lord has allowed me to be a mother for 44 years. Knowing how so many struggle with infertility, I am truly grateful. And, my heart’s desire from the first day was that I would be a godly mother, passing along a love for the Lord and His Word to my children. That would be my legacy that they would remember when I go to be with Jesus. So, as I was reading through 2 Chronicles recently, I got to chapter 21 and read this: “He passed away, to no one’s regret.” (2 Chronicles 21:4) What a sad epitaph! King Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, was a bad dude. In 2…

  • Kids

    Raising Gender Healthy Kids

    Emotionally healthy children who grow up to be emotionally healthy adults are comfortable in their own skin, in the gender God chose for them. These days, when a child shows non-stereotypical gender behavior, people start to freak out, afraid that their child is actually the opposite sex on the inside. Good news! There are things parents can do to raise gender healthy kids, girls who are content to be girls and boys who are glad to be boys. Without resorting to artificial stereotypes, either. First, loosen up your expectations of what boys and girls should be like. A friend of mine now in college was recently exasperated when the instructor…