Your Help Wanted

Anxiety impacts an estimated 264 million people worldwide. For those living in “the land of the free and home of the brave,” things aren’t much better. Millions of adults (31.1%) are strangled by anxiety on a regular basis. Anxiety disorders impact over 40 million Americans (19.1%), earning the title of most common mental health concern in the United States.

I’m  passionate about this issue, not only because of a personal struggle with social anxiety, but also because there is a major void of awareness, compassion, and service from the Church to those struggling with anxiety disorders.

To that end, I’m working on a resource that provides a robust theological framework for the issue of anxiety, one which I pray results in healing and wholeness. And that’s where you come in. Please take two minutes to fill out the survey to help me understand what you’re experiencing and needing. Together we can change how Christians approach anxiety.

Amy Leigh is a writer, landscape designer, organizational development specialist, and teacher living in Dallas, Texas. Her articles address themes in faith, culture, creation, the church, theology of the body, theology of women, and relationships.


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