• Helping Bible Study Newbies by Melanie Newton. Make it easy for them to learn and not give up!

    Helping Bible Study Newbies

    Over the past 5 years, I have become acutely aware of how adult women feel when they begin to read and study the Bible for the first time. And, I see the need for Bible studies designed for women who are reading and studying the Bible for the first time– “Bible study newbies.” I’ve recently finished writing another Bible study designed for women new to the Bible. For this new study, I’ve gathered together a group of women from all walks of life who remember what it was like for them to do their first Bible study. We are collaborating together to make the lessons as user-friendly as possible for “Bible study newbies.” We want a woman to be able…

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    Doing a Lunchtime Bible Study at Work

    I know several women who have tried gathering co-workers together in their workplace for a weekly women’s Bible study over the lunch break. Though the idea sounds inviting, in reality the time allotment just doesn’t work very well. Most published women’s studies involve too much homework for the average working mom to be able to do at home with her restricted time. And, any accompanying videos are just too long to leave room in the weekly gathering for discussion and getting to know one another. At best, a workplace lunch break allows for 45 minutes. My daughter and I were discussing this challenge just last week—trying to find something that…