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    Enjoying Halloween??? – Culturally Acceptable and Spiritually Divisive

      I did a definition search on the word “hallow.” The basic definition is, holy. I searched for the meaning of the suffix “een.” IIt is considered to be a contraction of the word “evening.” It seems to have in its definition the meaning of “not something” Evening is the time between day and night. It is neither. So what do Christians do with a holiday that is not holy but is between? October 31st has been dubbed Halloween. The name fits well. It is not truly holy, but it is not completely evil either, and considered by some even neutral. Some use this holiday to decorate in a fall theme,…

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    To Trick-or-Treat?

    Now I may ruffle some feathers here but I am going to say that I believe in Jesus and yet….yet…my children would trick-or-treat. In fact, we had a ton of fun and even hosted big “Halloween/Fall” parties as my kids grew older. We would do scavenger hunts, bob for apples, have costume contests and lots and lots of cool treats and things to eat. We carved pumpkins and made popcorn balls and even watched old scary movies with Bud Abbot and Lou Costello. To me it made more sense to ground my children in the truth and then enjoy the good things about fall, which in their little minds included…