• Eva Burkholder

    Unfinished Tasks

    Today my guest blogger is Eva Burkholder. She writes about the weight of unfinished tasks. Eva (MACE, Columbia International University) is a missionary kid, wife, mother of two sons and a daughter-in-law, former cross-cultural worker, and missionary member care provider. Eva and her husband of thirty-one years live in Richardson, Texas. She blogs regularly at www.evaburkholder.com. Look for Eva's devotional on the life of Mary, available later this year. I like to cross things off my to-do list. I use tear-off notepads and make lists and lists of what needs to get done today and in the coming days. My lists include unwanted tasks as well as life-giving ones. Then I…

  • Engage

    Tapeworm Gallery: On the Seventh Day

    2016. New year. Same old struggles. Between church, family, work, Bible study leadership, and keeping clean linens and dishes, who has time for Sabbath rest? Oh, but busyness isn’t a struggle. Busyness makes you feel important. Besides, I am all for anything that keeps you too preoccupied to read your Bible, too exhausted to have sex with your husband, and too hurried to cultivate authentic relationships with women at church. Hey, but at least you pray. Consistently. Or that’s what you call that daily rush-through string of words your Christian upbringing taught you to parrot. Sort of like that rhyme you recite before eating dinner. Despite what Crabatha and Mark…