This is true Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…Serving Others

Our nation is reeling with higher prices, longer lines, and delayed products arriving at our doorstep. We have become accustomed to instant gratification only to find that old demon of frustration creeping into our lives, and Black Friday adds to that frustration. We have allowed the retail industry to follow Thanksgiving by a day that promotes greed, selfishness, unkindness, and dissatisfaction.  Could the enemy be any less pleased?   

What are we teaching our children about life and godliness when we rise early to spend much? Do we teach our children to say please and thank you only to show by our actions that we are greedy and demanding? If the answers to these questions leave us feeling convicted and uncomfortable, perhaps it is a time for a change! Use Black Friday to model for children the real reason to be thankful. Perhaps this is a time to serve others rather than self. Find places that need a helping hand. Children love to serve! Use this opportunity to show them the true meaning of this time of year, and don’t let it stop to one day but encourage that this day and beyond.

Being thankful is a command for Christians. Our job is to model and teach how to give thanks in everything. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22 is an admonition to a godly lifestyle. In the very center of it are these words: “in everything give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Stop and give thanks and perhaps choose to do your shopping at another time. Spend the day after Thanksgiving to share family traditions, reach out to your community to serve the needs of the less fortunate, AND spend time reading God’s Word together. Prepare your heart for the season to follow.

Coordinator of the Heartprints Blog Page: Gaye-Ellen Austin or SonShine has a passion to train people to be successful Bible students, following the words of Paul to his protégé Timothy: “ entrust to faithful people who will be competent to teach others as well.” (2 Tim 2:2). She taught 15 years in public schools and 12 years in a Christian school where she was coordinator of the NILD program for learning disabled students. She has taught Precept upon Precept classes and was a discussion group leader for 10+ yrs. in BSF in Daytona Beach. Fl. and Atlanta, GA. Also, Gaye-Ellen is the writer for the She also has her own personal blog page: David is a full time director for as well as his secular job. He and Gaye-Ellen along with their son, Dr. Mark Austin, daughter-in-law, Dr. Blanca Austin and granddaughter Christina ( live in the Dallas area. Gaye-Ellen's goal is to present Christ and live Christ glorifying God. One of her favorite verses about the role as parents, teachers, and adults for the next generation comes from Psalm 78:4, "but tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord."

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