The Church and Mental Health

Every weekend at my church, I’m responsible for being available to pray with and minister to people as they come to the church seeking help with their current life challenge or problems. It’s an interesting position to be in because some weeks, I literally just talk to people and help greet. Other weekends, I definitely earn my pay, especially when we have someone come in that is mentally unstable or perhaps even chemically impaired. That’s when it gets interesting!

Some seek money and some seek prayer. Sometimes, they just need to verbally throw up and need a shoulder to cry on. At the end of the day, they want something or someone to help them in their current situation. That’s where I come in and try to act as a resource for their wants and needs. I offer prayer, an ear, and a shoulder. Often, I can provide a resource, but God is ultimately the source.

I bring all this up because I’ve noticed an increasing need for mental health help, especially with the younger generation. They often feel depressed, anxious, and sometime suicidal. I’ve read several articles on potential reasons why these conditions are affecting the younger age groups. Things such as identity confusion from social media influences and peers, lack of face-to-face interaction with others, misguided parenting and even an article that points back to childhood vaccines, processed foods and other chemicals that kids have been exposed to over the past 30-40 years. After reading all of them I cannot doubt that somehow, all these contribute to the cause of the increase in mental health issues.

I’m on a journey right now learning about mental health and how it’s effecting both adults and children. While I cannot claim to be an expert on mental health issues, I do know that God is and unfortunately so is Satan. He has used mental health issues to deceive people into thinking they are worthless, unloved, useless, helpless, and not good enough for God. God on the other hand wants people struggling with mental health issues to know that they are worthy, loved, useful, helpful, and are His masterpiece with a purpose. I personally believe it’s a spiritual battle that presents itself as a battle in the mind.

I’ll talk more about this someday as I learn more but feel free to comment on your experience or thoughts on this topic. It’s truly more of an issue than it’s ever been before and it’s time the church stepped up and address it head on.


Brian Holt was called into and served in children's ministry for over 20 years. Brian had the privilege to lead in children's ministries ranging from mega-church to plant church size. Brian changed roles in his church and now serves as the Care Pastor at Rock Creek Church in Prosper, Texas overseeing the Care and Support ministries of the church. Brian has been married to his lovely wife Amy for over 24 years and they have 5 amazing kids. Brian's passion is to see every man, woman and child fall in love with Jesus and become one of his devout followers, transforming their lives in the process to be more like Him everyday.

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