The Pink Elephant in the Room

It’s obvious, but no one will acknowledge it.

It’s awkward. No one will discuss it.

It’s touchy. No one will confront it.

For some, it's enslaving.

For others, it's saving.

For some, a disease.

For others, a cure.


Eight years ago Dr. Sandi Glahn posted an article on the rosy pachyderm. It has over 120,000 views. Distorted views of sexuality have paralyzed Christians far too long. While the church is beginning to discuss pornography, we also need to embrace a more robust theology of sexuality, including solo-sexuality. I would like to open a healthy discussion in answer to this question:

Is solo-sex actually sex? Why or why not?

Amy Leigh Bamberg

Amy Leigh is an Alabama native, but never drinks sweet tea or cheers for the Crimson Tide. Ever. She grew up working on her family’s cattle and catfish farm, shucking corn, slinging cow patties, and singing in the church choir. But, she longed for more. She attended Auburn University and studied horticulture. She worked for several years in the commercial and residential sectors of the green industry. Then she joined the staff of a local church, where she developed systems and structures for various ministries with the goal of equipping and empowering the church to serve effectively while being pastored personally.  She attended Dallas Theological Seminary to study theology. Her coursework focused on subjects such as the theology of the body, theology of beauty, and the role of women in ministry. This season confirmed her passions for writing, preaching, and pastoring and provided a cohesive biblical framework for their expression. Amy Leigh works as a free-lance landscape designer, consultant, author, and teacher. She endeavors to equip believers to accurately handle Scriptures, edify them through educational ministries, and encourage them throughout their spiritual transformation. And she still longs for more, which is why her articles address topics such as faith, culture, creation, the church, and relationships.