The Power of the Tongue

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Ok y’all. Let’s say I walk up to my co-teacher, Mr. Kalen, and I slap him. All you see are four nail marks from my fabulous mani on his face. And I say, “Ooh! I take it back!” Is he still slapped?

Kids: Yes!

Me: Is he still hurt?

Kids: Yes!

Me: Can I really take that slap back?

Kids: No!

Me: Exactly! Now let’s talk about our tongues. Have you ever had it where you’re having a really good day and someone comes up to you, says one thing, and it changes your whole day?

Kids: Yes. Ugh! Yeah!

Me: Y’all, the tongue is so small but so powerful. You have the ability to make someone’s day better or worse. James tells us that the tongue is small but mighty.

Kid 1: It’s like when someone says “not to be offensive but…”

Me: Exactly! Because the next words are about to be mad offensive and I can’t take it back. Are you gonna get it right 100% of the time?

Kids: No.

Me: Why?

Kids: *silent*

Me: Cause you’re kids! Y’all are still maturing. Are you the same person you were back in third grade?

Kids: No.

Me: And when you leave me will you be the same person who sat in these chairs?

Kids: No.

Me: There’s only one person who got it right all the time. Who was it?

Kids: Jesus!

Me: Yes! Are you Jesus?

Kids: No!

Me: Yes! But hear me, I don’t want you to start acting up and be all like, “I’m a kid and I’m not Jesus. I’m too immature and human to do the right thing!” Nah. Don’t play yourselves. Getting your tongue under control is not easy. I’m grown and I get it wrong. All the time. On a good day my mouth is treacherous. Think before you speak.

Reflect: Sometimes it’s hard to talk less and listen more. That’s why God gave us the Holy Spirit and other trustworthy people in our lives to help guide us. Watching your words is hard but making sure your words honor God and His children can sometimes be even harder. Pray and ask the Lord how you can best use your words to love others well.

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