WWJD? Why Ask? Just Do It!

Leadership is Broken Because Leaders Are Unbroken

WWJD has been around so long it’s become passé. Even people who don’t know or care what Jesus would do know what it stands for. The wristband days are over, but I never understood why the question ever came up in the first place. Why ask a question with such an obvious answer?

What would Jesus do? What He did: out of a heart of love teach truth and disciple others.

He would do the same thing today that He did when He walked the earth. In fact, that’s exactly what He is doing right now through those who want to do what Jesus would do. So in every situation these are the two options you have:teach, or speak or discuss or proclaim or however you communicate, truth and invite somebody else to become a growing follower of Jesus.

The very first thing Jesus did was to create a network from which He ultimately drew His disciples. And once His forerunner and platform builder, John the Baptist, was off the scene, Jesus began His ministry of public proclamation and, at the same time, chose His twelve disciples. He did this because He loves us and wanted to start a movement that would carry His love down through the ages as long as time lasts.

But you say I don’t know how to do that. Do you know how to talk? Do you read the sports page and talk about it with those who are interested in the Cowboys or the Yankees or the Final Four? Or do you read the business page and discuss it with your business buddies? Well, just read the Bible the same way you read the Wall Street Journal and talk about it with someone you know cares—or even someone who doesn’t care. Don’t become too scripted or you’ll become canned. Love thinks through what it wants to say, but it rarely needs a script to express itself.

You will be amazed how willing people are to talk about Jesus. Just look at CNN—they’re making Jesus an every Sunday evening event these days. That’s a good opening just to test the waters without even mentioning the Bible. Jesus is such a universal figure that there’s always something going on you can mention about Him. Surely there are people who know you and realize Jesus matters to you and who will want to talk about Him with you. And if they don’t want to talk about Him, keep quiet. There’s no need to force it.

Besides, words, while essential, after a while are not always imperative. You can love somebody by negotiating an honest contract or by selling a product that brings real benefit to him or by marketing in such a way that you show her how she gains by doing business with you. After all, love is putting the needs of others ahead of your needs, and, surprisingly, that’s business.

So WWJD? Don’t ask. Just do it! Love others by telling them about Jesus and by helping them live His way. He’ll do it through you if you want Him to.

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Bill Lawrence is the President of Leader Formation International, Senior Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Ministries and Adjunct Professor of DMin Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary where he served full-time for twenty-four years (1981-2005). During this time he also was the Executive Director of the Center for Christian Leadership for twelve years.