A Word To The Wise

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Before we get to Rehoboam, lemme tell y’all about his daddy. Solomon was a rolling stone. This dude had 700 wives and 300 girlfriends.

Kids: What!?!?!?!?

Me: Yes! Put 700 and 300 together. What do you get?

Kids: 1000!

Me: Yup! Solomon had 1000 random chicks in his life. Girls, let’s be real, can we be extra?

Boy: Yes-suh!!!!!

Me: Wow. That was passionate. Who hurt you? So Solomon has a bunch women in his life plus he’s considered the wisest man in the world.

Kids: What???

Me: This proves wise people do dumb stuff. Solomon had a bunch of kids including Rehoboam. Can you imagine growing up with 699 step mama’s???

Kids: No. Oh man. No.

Me: Solomon dies. Rest in peace. Rehoboam is now king. The leader of the Northern tribes, Jeroboam, says, “Rey. The taxes are too high and we work too hard. Since you’re king, can you chill?” Rehoboam was like, “Hit me up in 3 days.” So Rehoboam goes to some old dudes who advised his daddy. The old dudes said, “Just chill. It’s no biggie.” Then Rehoboam goes to his little friends for advice. They say, “Bring the hammer down!” Do you think he listened to the old dudes or his buddies?

Kids: The buddies.

Me: Yup! The old dudes were wise and the little friends were foolish. But let’s remember, there are older people who make bad decisions, #solomon. And young people who make really wise decisions. Y’all, that’s why we have the Holy Spirit inside to help us know who to ask for advice. It’s normal to be wise and make not so great decisions. We’re human. There’s only one person who was wise and got it right 100% of the time. Who was it?

Kids: JESUS!

Reflect: God puts wise people in our life for a reason. Pay attention to who you are allowing to help you make decisions. Are those decisions pleasing to God or pleasing to you? Age doesn’t make someone wise. Listening to and trusting God makes you wise.

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