Called To Disciple

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have experienced and learned from Jesus during His earthly ministry?  The other day my husband and I were having a conversation regarding the way we respond towards different people and their circumstances.  He told me that I was like the apostle John and he was more like Peter.  

Who was John?  Well, John was spoken of as the disciple Jesus loved.  (John 13:23) The Scripture is clear that John was the brother of James and the son of Zebedee. (Matt. 4:21-22; Mark 3:13-19; Luke 6:12-16).  He was a fisherman by trade and an ordinary man.  Many are familiar with John because he wrote five books of the New Testament.  He was the human writer of the Gospel and three epistles that bear his name. Later John penned the book of Revelation while on the island of Patmos, which communicates the message of events yet to come.  

John’s character was passionate and dedicated to the Master Teacher.  He followed and learned from the perfect example and shared the truth about Jesus who came to save the world.  He was a devoted follower and wanted others to know about the love of Jesus as he did.  His message is clear and points directly to His Savior, Jesus Christ.

Within Scripture, John reveals his desire for people to know the truth.  He was not tolerant of people if they practiced truth and still lived in darkness. (1 John 1:5-7) Jesus knew John’s heart, loved him, and taught him truth.  John’s passion and desire to share the truth about Jesus was a reflection of his intimate relationship with his Master.  Thus John was one of the most intimate and most trusted disciples along with Peter and James.  These disciples were followers of Jesus.

Are you a disciple? Are you one that follows Jesus and learns from Him?  Do you have a passion for others to know Jesus?   

Do you desire for your children to be disciples? How do we teach them to be disciples?  Below are a few ways you can teach your children to become devoted disciples of Jesus.

  1. Jesus was the ultimate model.  The disciples watched and learned from the perfect example.  Parents model Jesus through your words and actions to your children. 
  • Jesus talked and shared truth with people. The disciples watched and learned. Parents share truth with others allowing your children to observe.
  • Jesus cared for people.  The disciples watched and learned.  Parents look for opportunities to serve together with other families allowing your children to participate. 
  • Jesus prayed to the Father.  The disciples watched and learned. Parents pray together and encourage your children to participate and share their praise, blessings, concerns, and needs during family prayer. 
  • Jesus broke bread with the disciples. The disciples watched and learned. Parents teach your children the importance and purpose of communion.
  • Jesus loves everyone.  The disciples watched and learned.  Parents teach your children to value all people, who are created in the image of God and need Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  • Jesus taught principles on how to live. The disciples watched and learned. Parents embrace the Bible as a tool for everyday living and teach your children that it is the only source to guide them to a blessed and successful live.
  • Jesus spent time with people.  The disciples watched and learned. Parents spend time with others in the community, neighborhoods and churches in order to build relationships allowing your children to be a part of relationship building.
  • Jesus taught people about sin.  The disciples watched and learned.  Parents teach children about sin and the destructive results that it has on our lives. 
  • Jesus desires for all to believe.  The disciples watched and learned.  Parents teach your children that believing in Jesus as their Savior is the most important decision they will ever make.  

Children should be taught early to embrace Jesus and learn from Him.  Are you courageous, ambitious, driven, passionate, bold, and have a zeal for the truth?  

Be a Disciple making Disciples…especially your own children!

Lisa Goodyear holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education, with a focus in Children's Ministry, from Dallas Theological Seminary. She has over twenty-eight years of local children's ministry, as well as an extensive background in early childhood education and international ministry to children. Currently, she is serving with the family/children’s ministry in her local church in Shawnee, Kansas. Lisa's passion is to see children from every nation, tongue, and tribe trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and grow in their relationship with Him. She is married to Rolla and they have two grown children and three grandchildren and a little Yorkie, Romeo. Lisa lives in Olathe, Kansas.

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