You Can’t Lose His Love

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Is there anything you can do to make your parents not love you?
Kids: (without hesitation) No.
Me: Ok cool. Do you think there are people out there who think their parents would stop loving them?
Kid 1: Yeah. I think there’s people out there who think that.
Me: Can you do anything that would make God not love you anymore?
Kids: (zero hesitation) No!
Me: Exactly! There is absolutely nothing you can do to separate you from God’s love. Nothing. But there are people who don’t believe this. Some people belive that since they have sucky parents, then God must suck, too. Good or bad, people think God is just like their parents.
Kids: Oh.
Me: If I say, “I love you” one day and punch you the next day, would you believe that I truly loved you?
Kids: No!
Me: Exactly! God literally sent his Son down to earth for you. Jesus left the Disney World of Heaven for you. He was beaten, killed, and resurrected as the biggest act of “I love you.” He didn’t just say it, He showed it. God loves you too much to let you walk this earth thinking a single action could make you lose His love.

Reflect: Sometimes, we see ourselves as unlovable. But, that’s not how God sees us. We just celebrated Easter. That day reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead. But it also reminds us that love is the reason why He got on the cross, was buried in a borrowed tomb, and rose three days later. If you ever think you’re unworthy of love, think about Jesus’s ultimate “I love you.”

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