Do You Love Me?

Sunday School Chronicles: Do You Love Me?

I teach a group of fifth-graders on Sundays and we have conversations about the Bible and faith. Each Sunday School Chronicle invites you into our classroom for a good laugh—and a lesson.

Do You Love Me?

Me: It’s February! Besides Superbowl, what’s the big deal?

Class: LOVE!!!

Me: Who loves you?

Students: My family! My dog! I love me! My family loves me more than yours!

Me: Whoa! Love’s not a competition! Unless you’re on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. How do you know they love you?

Students: They feed me and put a roof over my head. They’re there for me! They drive across town for me.

Me: Does God love you?

Class: YES!

Me: How do you know?

Class: He died for us! He gave us the Bible! He listens to our prayers!

Me: Student 1. You said you love you. Why?

Student 1: Because I’m awesome!

Me: Without God, what are you?

Students 2: Just people?

Me: Ok. Raise your hand if you like Batman?

Class: BOO!!!!

Me: Stupid question. Y’all are clearly Marvel fans like me! But Batman is who we’re talking about. Batman has the suit, the belt, batmobile and cave over there in Gotham City. Without all of that, who is he?

Class: Bruce Wayne!

Me: Yes! So, without God, you’re not awesome.

Student 1: *gasps*

Me: I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Thank you for your service. Without God you have zero purpose, and you sin a lot. God has the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and a bunch of other gifts. When God makes Himself known to you and you bring Him into your heart, who else does He bring?

Students: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Me: And that’s not all. He brings gentleness, patience, which some of y’all are still clearly cultivating, love and…

Student 3: Peace!

Me: Yes! God showers all of these things on you because He…

Students: LOVES US!

Me: And I know I don’t say this too often but since it’s about that time. Ugh. I love you.

Students: *applaud*

Me: Don’t get excited. Since I never say it, how do you know I love you?

Student 1: You prepare lessons for us!

Student 4: You watched season 1 of Series of Unfortunate Events because we told you to!

Student 2: You’re willing to come to our games as long as we tell you ahead of time and have it in writing!

Student 3: You don’t have to be here, but you choose to every week!

Me: Yes! Because I…

Students: LOVE US!

Me: I do. I suppose I love y’all. But who loves you more than I ever can?

Class: GOD!

Reflect: How can you show others, with your actions, how much you love them? Who in your life needs to know that Jesus loves them? What is one way you will love on someone else this week?

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