God On Your Side

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Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Before we go back and do a full recap Joseph’s life, let’s start with a mini recap. Y’all ready!

Class: Yeah! Let’s do it!

Me: Who was Joseph?

Kid 1: The favorite!

Me: Why?

Kid 2: Because he came from his dad’s favorite wife.

Me: Were his sibs cool with this?

Class: No!

Me: So what happened?

Kid 3: They sold him and then he got in a lot of trouble in Egypt!

Me: Yes! And this brothers come crawling back but they don’t know it’s Joseph. So Joseph treats them. And do they pass?

Class: Yes!

Me: So after Joseph realizes his brothers aren’t the same dudes who beat him up and sold him into slavery. He was like, “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.” To translate, “Started from the bottom…”
Class: “Now we’re here!”
Me: Exactly! Joseph went through a lot! He was beaten up and sold into slavery for being a tattle telling daddy’s boy, thrown into jail because Potiphar’s wife was…
Class: TRASH!
Me: Yes! And he was in jail for…
Class: Two Years!
Me: Now he’s #2! Class, God is all about the glow up!

Reflect: Sometimes it seems like the world, including your family, is against you. But with God on your side, He will always make sure you are victorious. God uses people’s bad plans to help you succeed. No one plans are bigger than the amazing things God has for you.

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