God The Tester

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: So, Jesus has fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in preparation for the pre battle royale with Satan. Satan comes out all big and bad ready to tempt Jesus. What does it mean to tempt?

Student 1: It’s when someone tries to convince you to do something you’re not supposed to do.

Me: I like that. What does it mean to test?

Student 2: When your parent leaves the cookie jar out and tells you not to eat a cookie before dinner.

Me: You’re close! Why do you get tests at school?

Student 1: Because they want to see how we’re doing.

Me: Exactly! God tests. Satan tempts. God Good. Satan Bad. God tests us, not because He doesn’t know how we’re doing but because He wants us to see where we need to improve. Satan tempts in order to make you fail. God?

Students: Good!

Me: Satan?

Students: Bad!

Me: God t-

Students: Tests!

Me: Satan t-

Students: Tempts!

Me: *repeats this multiple times*

Students: Ugh! Ms. Janay! We get it!

Me: I keep repeating this because I want you to get it. Do you know how many adults sat in Sunday School and were told this but still don’t really believe God is good? You’re 10 and 11, I’m saying this to get it in your head and heart. God?

Students: Good!

Me: Satan?

Students: Bad!

Me: Satan does what?

Students: Tempt!

Me: To make you?

Students: Fail!

Reflect: God only does thing for your good. He wants you to grow and be the best you that you can be. Sometimes it seems like God wants you to fail, but that’s not the truth. Can you think of a time when God was mean to you? I bet you can’t. Why? Because God loves you too much to treat you with anything less than love.

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