Jesus Calls You Worthy

Me: Who’s the #2 in basketball?

Student 1: Lebron James!

Me: Well, John the Baptist was the first century Lebron! He was the second best dude walking. John the Baptist is my dude! He’s not here for the foolishness! He’s pointing folks out like, “You’re a sinner! You’re a sinner! You’re a sinner!” He’s going from town to town, lake to lake, sea to sea, baptizing. Basically every time he saw some water, dude was dunking people. So people kept coming up to him saying, “Are you Elijah?” John said, “Nah.” They asked, “Well, are you a prophet?” John said, “No fool! I’m John! Read about me! I came to prepare the way! If you’re not here to get saved, shut your mouth ya vipers!”

Students: *laughing*

Me: Off in the distance, John sees this dude coming. Who do you think it was?

Students: JESUS!

Me: Yes! Let’s go back! So John and Jesus are cousins. The first time they met was in utero. John’s mom, Elizabeth, is preggers. She’s old as dirt and preggers.

Student 1: I don’t get it.

Me: Imagine your grandma and she’s pregnant.

Student 2: Eww.

Me: I know right??? But God was doing miracles left and right! The angel Gabriel was working overtime! Literally every time he came to earth, someone got pregnant! So Mary and Elizabeth have a visit and the Spirit of the Lord is so strong in Mary’s womb that John has a whole praise dance in his mom Elizabeth’s womb. This is their first meeting. So back to our story. John spots Jesus and says, “Behold! The lamb who comes to take away the sins of the world!” Jesus says, “Baptize me.” But John doesn’t think he’s the one for the job. Jesus is so holy, He could’ve baptized Himself! Could you do it?

Student 3: No. There’s no way.

Me: If Jesus came up to me and wanted me to baptize Him, I wouldn’t feel worthy. I’d see all the sin in myself and feel bad. But guess what, Jesus sees that sin too. He’s not a Savior who sees your sin and says, “You know what? I’m gonna go to this less sinful person. You’re a mess and I’m not feeling it.” No. Jesus sees your mess, steps into it with His holy swiffer wet jet and holy roomba to clean house.

Reflect: Do you ever feel unworthy of a task Jesus wants you to do? Remember, God chose you to partner with Him! Because God chose you, He will prepare you. Jesus calls you “worthy.” In your prayers, ask God to help you remember that you are blessed, worthy, and adopted into His family because God chose to call you His child.

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