Jesus Rose!

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: What’s coming up?

Kids: Easter!

Me: Yes! Easter! I know y’all are super pumped about getting an Easter basket, doing Easter Egg Hunts, and even dressing up. Me? I’m pretty mad at my mom because she won’t make me Easter baskets anymore.

Class: WHAT? Are you serious? No way!

Me: Way! I’m her child! I didn’t ask to be here. So I should get a basket for forever. So anyway! Jesus dying shouldn’t be a surprise. Why?

Kid 1: Because Jesus told the Disciples he was gonna die.

Me: Yes! But that’s not all He told the Disciples. What else shouldn’t have surprised them?

Kid 2: That He was gonna come back?

Me: Exactly! Jesus has been telling them that He will die. But not to worry because His death won’t be forever. It’s not permanent. He will rise again. But when Jesus died, were the Disciples chill?

Class: No.

Me: That’s right. They were freaking out like this was brand new information. That’s not how Jesus rolls. When Jesus tells us something, no matter how crazy, no matter how unbelievable, we have to believe and have faith. Jesus has never lied to us and He won’t start now.

Reflect: Sometimes it’s hard to be confident in Jesus. It seems like He’s asking you to do a hard thing. Believing Jesus and His promises aren’t easy when others try to prove Him wrong. Think about the ways that Jesus has proven Himself trustworthy and focus on that to help give you confidence in Jesus, His words, and promises.

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