NET Bible Nomenclature: Full Notes Edition = First Edition

Abbreviated History

The NET Bible project began in 1995. It became the first modern English translation of the Bible online for free with an innovative ministry first copyright. It was also the first to document nearly every significant translation choice available to the translator… all 60,932 of them. Another innovation was to utilize satellite maps. After Beta Editions were released (2001 and 2003 [Second Beta still seen here]) the First Edition NET Bible was published in 2005 (read the Preface to learn more great facts). 

According to the Preface, the original plan was to update the text in 2010. The question was asked and answered in an article titled, Will there be a NET Bible Update in 2010?


The First Edition NET Bible has sold well as it should. After a number of print runs without change it was determined that the name First Edition should be removed from the cover and the Preface. Nothing else should be implied by removing the words "First Edition" from the cover and the Preface. Any questions regarding translation updates can be referred back to Will there be a NET Bible Update in 2010?

For clarity the Store has labled the new print run of NET Bibles with all 60,932 notes the "Full Notes Edition." This edition needed a helpful devise to distinguish it from the Reader's Edition, Pew Edition, and Compact Editions which all contain 7,722 notes.

The Full Notes Edition is essentially the same interior other than minor changes in the Preface. It contains the same pagination. It contains the same number of notes. It is the same price as The First Edition: $39.95. The words "First Edition" are no longer on the cover of the Black Bonded Leather NET Bible, Burgundy Bonded Leather NET Bible, and Tuscany Bonded Leather NET Bible all available for the same price: $39.95. Tuscany is a new color being offered for the first time by the NET Bible.

There is a current supply of First Edition Black Hardback NET Bibles and First Edition Black Genuine Leather NET Bibles that still have the words First Edition on the cover and in the Preface.

Again, The NET Bible is still the same NET Bible we've had since 2005. It is a simple change in the cover and name in the store.

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