Sandy the Sucker

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: There’s this dude named Sanballat. We don’t like him so we’re gonna call him Sandy. Sandy is from Samaria. Dude is not a fan of the new wall that Nehemiah and his friends are building around Jerusalem. So Sandy goes to his bros and starts plotting on Nehemiah and the Jewish people. He started talking mad stuff like, “These Jews do the most! That wall is ugly and so are they!”

Kids: Oohhhhh!!!!!!

Me: Nehemiah prays, “God, do You hear these dudes trash talking us and the wall?? I pray that when they realize how dumb they are and come to you back peddling that You won’t forgive them!” Nehemiah and the people kept on building the wall. Sandy and his bros saw that the wall was still happening and said, “It’s time to fight!” They were ready to go to war. They literally woke up and chose violence. What do you think Nehemiah did?

Kid 1: He cried.

Me: Valid answer. Nehemiah is a crier. So let’s say yes. What else?

Kid 2: He prayed!

Me: Yes! Nehemiah prayed! Our dude is consistent. He cries and prays. Nehemiah’s people were regular farmers. They weren’t soldiers. They couldn’t fight. But Nehemiah was the definition of, “You ain’t got to get ready if you stay ready!” He had people with tools in one hand and a weapon in the other just in case something popped off.

Kids: Oohhhhh!!!!!!!

Me: Sandy sees that his secret fight plans were ruined. Then he starts sending Nehemiah notes like, “Heeeyyy! We good?” But Nehemiah leaves him on read. Five notes later, Nehemiah finally answers and says, “Nah son! If you spent more time getting to know God instead of plotting on me then maybe we could be cool. But since you wanna be a sucker and act up we can’t be bros.”

Kids: Oohhhhh!!!!!

Kid 1: Shots fired!

Kid 2: Boom!

Reflect: God will never ask you to do anything that is not for the good of others. But, that does not mean everyone will support you. God will give you everything you need, your job is to continue to be obedient. Being obedient is not always easy but will always be worth it. No matter who is against you, God will always be on your side.

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