Seeing Isn’t Believing

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Abraham had an interesting life. One day, God came to him and was like, “Take your wife, all your stuff, and head out. I’m not telling you where. Just move you two feet and we’ll link up on the destination later.”

Abraham said, “Bet.” Is that crazy?

Kids: Yeah!

Me: I know! Dude went to his family like, I’m out! ✌🏾” His family was like, “Where?” Abraham said, “No idea!” Fam said, “Who told you to go?” Abraham was like, “This dude named ‘God.” His fam was like, “Which one??? We follow a bunch.” Abraham said, “He’s new-ish. And you can’t see Him and He’s only talking to me.” Crazy right?

Kids: Yeah! That sounds crazy!

Me: Oh yeah! And Abraham and Sarah were old. Like old old. And God was like, “I’m gonna give you a kid!” Imagine your grandparents on Christmas saying, “Your grandpa and I have a special announcement. We’re pregnant!”

Kids: EWW!!!!

Me: I. Know. But here’s thing about God. He’ll wait until something is completely impossible, inconceivable even, to make His move. And when He does, you just sit there with your mind blown like, “Only God could do that.”

Reflect: Even though Abraham couldn’t see God, Abraham belive in God. The same goes for you! You can’t see God, but you believe His promises and that the Bible is true. God asks you to do things that make no sense. He’s really asking you to trust Him. Sometimes, it’s hard to do what God wants when others don’t always agree. Pray and ask God to show you that trusting Him will always be the right thing to do. You don’t need to see God to believe and trust in Him.

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