Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Y’all got a favorite cousin?

Kids: Yeah. Yup! Oh yeah.

Me: So Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptist, have been A-1s since Day 1. They were cool since pre-birth. Years later, Jesus hears that his ace has been killed. Not just killed but beheaded.

Kids: What??? Oh my gosh.

Me: Do you think Jesus is feeling some type of way? Even though Jesus knew what was coming, did it make Him any less sad?

Kids: No.

Me: So Jesus is really sad. He goes away to be by himself. He’s crying, playing Taylor Swift, and “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo.

Boys: Ugh! Driver’s License!

Me: You heard me! Jesus was crying to Driver’s License. But people see Jesus and start following Him. Do you think Jesus wanted to be followed?

Kids: No! He just wanted to be by Himself.

Me: Yes! But guess what? Jesus can’t stop being Jesus. He can’t turn it on and off like a light switch. It’s not like God can say, “You know what? I’m gonna take six hours.”

Kid 1: The world would go crazy!!!

Me: Yes! Imagine if your parents said, “I’m dipping for the day.” You’d be happy for a little bit but then you’d miss them.

Kid 2: It’s like on Home Alone when Kevin missed his family.

Me: Exactly. So Jesus heals people, teaches, and preaches. He feeds a minimum of 5,000 people. Even in His grief, Jesus has compassion because He sees the people as sheep without a shepherd. Now don’t let the nails and clothes fool you. Your girl, Ms. Janay, used to work on a farm.

Kids: What????

Me: Don’t question it. I know from experience that sheep are dumb! And what does Jesus call us?


Me: Sheep! Because we’re just as dumb!

Kids: No! Nuh uh!

Me: Yeah. Yuh huh! Can you save yourself?

Kids: No.

Me: How do you know what’s good?

Kids: …

Me: God told you. You getting on a cross for the world’s sin?

Kids: No.

Me: Exactly. Sheep. But we have a Good Shepherd who saved you, defines good, and got on a cross for you. He’s not going anywhere.

Reflect: Sheep may be cute but they need someone who knows more to lead them. Sheep don’t fight it, they allow the shepherd to do what he does best. How can you allow Jesus, our Good Shepherd to lead you? Do you fight Jesus or follow Him? How will you follow with sheep-sense?

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