Spiderman with a Heart for God

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Any of y’all got older siblings?

Kids: *multiple hands fly up* Yes!

Me: Do they ever treat you like your voice doesn’t matter?

Kids: Ugh!!!! Yeah!

Me: I get it! I’m the baby too and it sucks. I’m sorry to tell you this. You will always be the baby. Let me tell y’all about the most powerful baby out there. King David was the baby just like you. But let’s start with his pre-king days. Saul is the current king. He’s trash. “Sin” is his first, middle, and last name. He sins for fun, when he’s hungry, and sins before bed. So God is like, “First of all, don’t act like I can’t take that position away from you.” Saul said, “Chill God. Can’t you see I’m sinning?” God says, “Bet. Samuel, take a road trip to Jesse’s house. I need you to anoint the new king.” So Samuel links up with Jesse. Jesse presents Samuel with his sons that resemble Avengers. Thor comes out looking all muscular with his hair blowing in the wind. Black Panther coming with the power of the ancestors. Winter Soldier with his baggage and so on. But God said, “Nah.” Wouldn’t you have picked one of them?

Kids: Uh yeah!

Me: Same! Samuel said, “You don’t have anymore sons?” Jesse said, “I mean…yeah.” So here comes David looking like Spider-Man. Tiny with a few muscles here and there. Who wants Spider-Man over Thor?

Kids: No one.

Me: God does. You can be the biggest, buffest dude out there but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a heart for God. God doesn’t care about the outside. He cares about the inside. Muscles come and go but a heart that’s completely sold out for God is better than anything.

Kids: Wow. Really?

Me: Absolutely!

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