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    If as teachers and parents our faith is in Jesus, our text book is the Bible, we’re indwelled by the Holy Spirit and want God’s will for our children, why are so many of our grown up children leaving the church? Why is it so hard to pass on our faith to the next generation? Dr. Paul David Tripp encourages us to look for the answer in the Gospel message, “Parenting is a sinner seeking to give guidance and wisdom and grow a sinner. No wonder it is hard. No wonder we need God!” The more I hear what Dr. Tripp has to say, the more I am convinced that…

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    How is it possible that the day of the year set aside as a Holy Day to celebrate the greatest gift ever given usually finds us exhausted, stressed, and even at times depressed? Our children wake up all excited in anticipation of presents that in the end may or may not be what they expected. Spirits tend to dwindle as we move through the day ending up tired, over sugared, and overwhelmed ready to fall into bed exhausted.   We all have a desire to focus on the Lord. As believers. we usually plan to do our best to make the season one that is about worship and gratitude. Honestly, how…

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    The Best Book On Earth!

    A little journey to the local Barnes and Noble is always a fun experience for those who love to read.  Author displays, best seller tables, new releases, magazine racks, and categorized book shelves line the isles and walls.  Bold words, bright colors, and eye catching illustrations are displayed on front covers and on banners in an effort to lure the reader to choose ‘this’ book.  An enormously wide array of books can be found as they scream on the shelves, “buy me!” Why do you purchase a book?  Is it for pleasure, knowledge, or information?  Perhaps, you wish to make something and are browsing the shelves for a “how to” book.  Whatever the reason, most…