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    The Importance of Pronouns

    Recently, I discovered an important lesson in the book of Lamentations from my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) questions. Upon observing the pronouns used in the different chapters of Lamentations, some things became clear in chapter 3 that impacts my life and how I live. Most scholars consider Jeremiah to be the author of Lamentations. So, in Lamentations 3:1-20, the pronouns “I” and “me” refer to Jeremiah. These particular pronouns occur 30 times in the first 20 verses of chapter 3. Furthermore, “my” occurs 18 times in these verses. The references to God in verses 3:1-20 focus on retelling the devastation Jeremiah has experienced from God’s hand. In summary, in the…

  • God wants us to be intercessors

    Teaching Children about Intercession

    Like children, we love getting caught up in a mystery book with its twists and turns. We meet villains and saviors and we see how the plot thickens. God is the master of mysteries and we can use His stories to teach practical lessons for real life. Take the story of the villain King Zedekiah in Jeremiah 38 who allowed other villains to unjustly imprison Jeremiah in of all places, a cistern! Who will save him? Who will be the man of the hour? Enter Ebed-Melech, not an Israelite, but an Ethiopian. Ebed-Melech had the heart to serve no matter the cost. He was willing to step in and confront…