The Story Behind the NET

The Story Behind the NET

You probably already know that the NET is one of the most transparent and accurate biblical translations available. Thanks to the NET’s 60,000 plus translators’ notes, every major decision by the translation committee is documented for you to explore. But do you know the story behind the development of the NET and why the committee included their notes?


Watch this special video from NET translation committee members Dr. Hall Harris and Dr. Darrell Bock as they talk about the story and purpose of the New English Translation.   


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Transparent and Accountable


The ultimate accountability was to the biblical text itself. The NET Bible is neither crowdsourced nor a “translation by consensus.” Rather, the NET translators filtered every question and suggestion through the very best in biblical linguistics, textual criticism, and their unswerving commitment to following the text wherever it leads.


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The NET’s 60,000 translator notes bring complete transparency to every major translation decision and invite you to look over the translators’ shoulders, allowing you to see and understand the biblical text for yourself.


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Portable? Or readable? How about both. Even with its large, easy-to-read 10.5-point print size, the NET Thinline Large Print Bible is still slim enough to tuck into a backpack, a briefcase, or most purses.


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It’s essential for parents read the Bible with their kids, and the NET is a great translation for this with its clear approach to the biblical text. Not only will kids see the transparency of translation stewardship, but they’ll learn historical context with the NET Full Notes Edition.


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The Bible is meant to be savored, not skimmed. The NET Bible Journal Edition equips you to put more into your time with extra-wide margins and thick paper. This Bible is perfect for journaling your reactions and insights, writing your prayers, listing your questions, and more.


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  • Andre favron

    I am truly appreciating my NET® Bible online and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my pre-ordered
    hard copy of the NET Bible, Single-Column Reference, Leathersoft, Teal, Comfort Print from

    I tend to study with my hard copy Bible(s) on my desk and both my NET Bible and my ESV online tabs opened.

    I have some suggestions that I would like to offer (as to how to improve the NET® Bible – ONLINE interface) but I am finding NO such link available (to offer feedback or to beta test new features).
    In fact and very sadly, in this communication focused site, the ONLY way I have found to communicate with this product is on this post. 🙁
    My apologies if it seems that I have highjacked this comment section by discussing online version topics on an article that seems to be focusing on and promoting hard-copy versions.

    These are suggestions that I truly believe would elevate the experience with the NET Bible over the digital product that ESV offers. for example, HOW we actually “highlight” and use “bookmarks”

    Can you please give me a link wherein I can discuss some of the ways that I think my/our online BIBLE can more efficiently improve?

    Thank you.

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