• soldier and dog reunion


    Don’t you love watching families reunite in joy and excitement? This time of the year gives us plenty of opportunity to see our military families running to greet their loved ones, having been separated by miles and time. Relatives who we haven’t seen in years find ways to gather together for the special season. The “never let you go” hugs and kisses of fathers, mothers and children home for the holidays resonates deeply within us and we smile and cry with them.  Who can forget the parent who shows up at the school cafeteria or the football field surprising their son or daughter? Reuniting with loved ones is magical. But…

  • Engage

    Leave Your Tears at Home

    It was a typical senior leadership weekly meeting, focused on hearing the latest update on a church project that involved all of us, five men and one woman (me). The young woman, who was invited to share with us details, timelines, progress reports etc, was focused, organized and nervous.  After her prepared presentation, we peppered her with questions that perhaps to her, seemed like rounds of ammunition. And then it happened. As we’re discussing how well the project is flowing, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her eyes fill up …yes, you guessed it, TEARS.