For God So Loved His Faves

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: Is favoritism a good thing or a bad thing?

Kids: Bad!

Me: Why?

Kid 1: Because other people will feel bad.

Kid 2: They’ll feel jealous.

Kid 3: They’ll be mad.

Me: Yes! All of that! Did you know the Bible talks about favoritism?

Kids: No.

Me: It does! Let’s say you’re throwing a party. Two dudes walk in. One is dripped out in every brand name singers talk about. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. And the other one walks in rocking Tar-zhey.

Kids: Tar-zhey????

Kid 4: You mean Target?

Me: I said what I said. So you sit the brand named dude at the head of the table but you say to Tar-zhey guy, “We’re 10s but you bring us down to a solid 3. You can eat in the kitchen.” James tells us to show no favoritism. Does God play favorites?

Kids: No.

Me: How do you know?

Kids: *silence*

Me: Nope. You can’t say “no” with your whole chest and not back it up. How do you know?

Kids: *silent*

Me: Ok. Let’s take it back to John 3:16. Do y’all know it?

Kids: No.

Me: *clutches pearls* I have failed y’all as a teacher. Ok! “For God so loved the world!” Is it, “For God so loved Olympians”

Kids: No!

Me: Your beautiful chocolate teacher?

Kids: No!

Me: There’s no such thing as favorites when there’s enough seats at your table for the whole world. “That whosoever.” That’s everybody! “believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life!” This means on your best day you will never, ever earn God’s favor. He didn’t save you because you deserve it but because He loves you. You give God a reason on a daily basis not to like you which is why you will never do anything to be His favorite. You are His favorite you because He made you and called you His. That’s it!

Reflect: Thank God for choosing you, not because He had to but because He wanted to. Reflect by asking yourself if there are any favorites in your life. What steps can you take to make sure your friends are on even footing?

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