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    Hanging by a Thread

    I saw them just in time. On a recent bike ride with my little boys, we turned onto a paved trail covered by big, beautiful shade trees. As we entered nature’s wonderland, something floating caught my eye. In front of us tiny, bright green inch worms dangled from the trees, each by a single silken thread. I abruptly stopped my four-year-old, fairly certain he hit one with his bike helmet before breaking. I tried to hide my panic as we quickly turned around to find another route. As someone who is mildly (okay, very) afraid of creepy crawlies, I can’t seem to get the scene out of my head. Not…

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    Nuggets of Truth in Narnia

    C. S. Lewis is truly a gifted writer. If you haven’t read his Chronicles of Narnia, it is never too late to dive into this world of talking animals, a wardrobe with a secret pathway into Narnia, and adventures that range from creation to the final judgment. Nestled in the context of the make-believe world of Narnia are many nuggets of God’s truth.One good example is found in the book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This is a story of danger and courage with great insights on the issue of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a difficult issue for everyone. It is hard for us to admit that we need it and may…

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    Is God Holding Out on Me?

    My one-year-old sits in his highchair, cramming watermelon into his mouth. He can’t get it in fast enough. In between bites, he fusses. If there’s not a spare piece or two waiting on his tray, he complains. Despite the fact that we generally give him as much watermelon as he wants, he still fears a shortage. As I watch the scene unfold over lunch, it hits me. My son thinks I’m holding out on him. And in a sense, I am. I don’t want him to fill his mouth so full of watermelon that he chokes. So I give him a piece or two at a time—then wait for him…